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How to buy the proper nursing bra or maternity bra

Many women prefer to wear a nursing bra while breastfeeding. The advantages of a nursing bra are: it provides more support than most common bra's of the same size, it gives easy acces to the breast without having to completely undress and a good bra is made of breasthable materials and has seamless cups.

Chosing the proper bra size

According to research most women wear a bra that has not the right size. A breastfeeding mother should wear the right size bra to help prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. Also, the right size provides the best support, which meay help prevent problems with shoulders and neck and upper back.

How to measure your bra size?

To find out your bra size, visit a store where someone knowledgeable can measure you. You can also measure yourself and take this brasize as a starting point to find the right bra.

First, measure your size over your breasts at the largest part while wearing a good supportive bra.
Then measure your size under your arms, but above your breasts. This size is the girth size of the bra or the the number part of the brasize.
The difference between the two sizes in inches gives the cupsize. For instance: if the difference between the two measurements is four inches, your cupsize is probably D
Now you can try a bra in the size that you just found. Try the bra with breastpads to prevent leaking. Adjust the shoulder straps by putting the straps over your arms and pulling them snug. Now put them back on your shoulders. While trying the bra, make sure all the breasttissue fits in the cup. You can do this by leaning forward and scooping your breasts in the cups. Shake a little bit, strech yourself with your arms above your head, lean forward again. Finally, stand in front of a mirror and check how your bra fits. No bulging outside the cups should be visible.In stead, try a larger cupsize. The bra should fit snug to your body, at the back the bra should not be pulled up.If this happens, try a smaller gith size. If you are at hte end of your pregnancy, you can fit your bra with the hooks attached on the most widest position.

What to look for?

Check if you see no bulging out of the cups. If you try an underwire bra, make sure the underwire fits around the breast and is not pinching the breast. If your left an right breast differ in size, try a bra with a cup that fits the larger breast.
Check how the bra looks under your clothes by wearing a snug shirt or blouse. You should hardly see the bra contoures, if you see this, try a different size.
If you do not like the look or feel of the bra, try a different type or brant. The cupsizes may differ a bit and other models or brands may fit better to your breasts.

Bra care

By handwashing your bra and line drying them, you expand the bra's lifetime.
Buy at least three bra's once you have found your favorit bra: one to wear, one in the laundry and one in your closet.


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