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Breast pump consultation in Orange County

Ecoparents offers special breastpump consultations for mothers who want to choose the proper breastpump when returning to work or want to learn how to properly operate the pump. A breastpump consultation can be done next to a regular breastfeeding consultation, but also as a stand alone consultation.

During the consultation, you are able to see different pumps from different brands. Ecoparents will help you decide what pump may work best in your situation. Ecoparents rents out and sells pumps from Ameda and Medela, including the Medela Symphony and Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump. We also carry the most common spare parts for these pumps. Nanny Gortzak from Ecoparents has personally used several pumps herself while breastfeeding. Nanny is therefore well aware of the pro's and cons of the pumps that are currently most used, including ones that are not in our assortment.

Other issues that can be discussed during the pump consultation are storage of breastmilk, cleaning of the pump and pump parts and ways to make pumping at your work easier and more convenient. Also, suggestions about offering the bottle are discussed.

This consultation is free for those who rent or purchase an electric pump with Ecoparents.

To schedule a pump consultation, please call 949-8563058


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